About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Betty, and welcome to Red Flour Company, a bakery created on the love of baking, bringing smiles to people’s faces, and an insatiable sweet tooth!

First and foremost, I am a mom to two beautiful little girls who absolutely love to help me in the kitchen and a wife to an amazing husband who totally loves to eat everything I make! I am lucky to have a sister who I call my best friend, parents who have supported me always, a nephew I’m crazy about, and friends who fill my life with laughter and love every single day! Although I might just be saying all this because they tell me my desserts are the best! =)

It all began when I started helping my mom in the kitchen probably before I could complete a sentence. There was something baking in the oven no matter the time or day. That love of baking and cooking definitely didn’t skip a generation!

The same delicious smells that filled the house as I grew up were filling my own kitchen in no time. As I pursued a teaching career I continued to bake and try new recipes. My thoughts always went back to baking and opening the bakery I had envisioned since I was a child. If my family and friends were constantly asking me to make a batch of my delectable toffee chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, sweet cinnamon rolls, or to-die-for cakes and frostings, then why not make them available to everyone else?

With that, I decided to open Red Flour Company.

I bake with only the best ingredients—you won’t find boxed mixes or margarine in my kitchen. I can create just about anything your heart desires. From cakes, pies, and cookies, to custom logos on your sweet treats, it can be done! It you don’t see something you want, I can probably create it. So, take a look around, check out some of my work, and contact me should you have any questions.

What’s up with the name, Betty?

Well, almost anyone who’s ever had their own business knows that finding a good name for the company is one of the toughest initial hurdles. I came up with countless names, most of which I didn’t like. As I was on the road to pick my two little girls up from school, it suddenly hit me. One of my most distinguishable features growing up was my red hair. It was big, curly, and bright red! Another thing that those closest to me would know is that I am a bit clumsy. As I bake, I can guarantee that there will be flour all over me and my kitchen. Hence the name, Red Flour Company.

Our website is still baking.